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Grammarly Review 2023: Is Premium Worth Buying or Not?

Not getting genuine Grammarly review don’t worry i am here to cover every point. When we talk about the best writing assist tools, Grammarly comes first in our minds. From academic writing to professional writing, this online software can be your best friend. Well, if you are being hesitant about this, our Grammarly review can help you out.

From correcting grammatical errors to checking plagiarism, this software helps people with a lot of things. In this article, you will also find out about Grammarly discount that can help you to get the best deals. Let’s find out.

What is Grammarly?

As we mentioned above, Grammarly is one of the most popular writing tools on the internet. This software was created by Alex Shevchenko, Dmytro Lider, and Max Lytvyn back in 2009. They aimed to help people communicate.

At the initial stage, Grammarly was used to check grammatical errors. However, the team started adding new features as the software got popular. The officials claim that they have over 30 million active users right now.

If you are a student, you can use the free version which comes with a lot of good features. For professional use, you need to check Grammarly premium review first. To use the paid version, you can use a Grammarly discount for getting the best deal.

Grammarly Review: Features

As you can see, most people use this software for checking grammatical errors. Hench, the founders of this tool created it for checking grammar. But the best thing is this software has more to give. In the following Grammarly review, we are covering some basic and advanced features that you can get by using this writing assistant.

  1. Check Grammatical Errors

The basic feature of this tool is checking grammatical errors. No matter if you are a student or a professional writer, you need a writing assistant while working on a certain digital platform. The best thing about Grammarly is it can check over 400 grammatical errors. However, you should not blindly rely on this tool as its AI-based software.

  • Punctuation Correction

Besides checking grammatical errors, this writing assistant also checks punctuations. Well, punctuation is another crucial factor in writing. It can be hard to take care of punctuation when you are using a digital platform. This assistant is compatible with all formats. If you are using MS Word, Grammarly can give a better result than MS Word’s editor.

  • Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checker is one of the most essential points in this Grammarly review article. If you are a blogger or a professional writer, you may know how important a plagiarism checker is. Grammarly provides a high-quality plagiarism checker. However, you need to get the premium version.

  • Tone Detector

The tone detector is another amazing feature you can get by installing this software. This feature is available with the free version. Tone detector plays a huge role when you are writing in a conversational tone. This tone detector will guide you while writing. Plus, it will show compatible emoji for your writing tone.

Grammarly Premium and Pricing

Besides the free version, Grammarly has a paid version that gives some advanced features such as consistency suggestions, advanced clarity suggestions, and plagiarism checker. By reading this Grammarly premium review, you will be able to choose the right plan.

If you check the official website, you will find three paid plans. Well, it depends on how you are going to pay for the premium version. If you are choosing the annual plan, you have to pay $12 per month.

For a quarterly billing plan, you need to pay $20 per month. If you want to get the premium version on monthly basis, you have to pay $30. However, if you want a good deal, you can visit a third-party website for getting a Grammarly discount code.

You can also get the ‘Business Plan’ with $12.50 per month on annually billing. However, you need at least three members to get this plan.

Grammarly Review: Best Alternatives

You see Grammarly is the most popular writing assistant. However, there are some amazing tools that can be an alternative to this software. Hench, these tools can be more popular than Grammarly in the near future.


Ginger is well-known as the alternative to Grammarly as many people like Grammarly vs Ginger comparison. Ginger will assist you while writing by checking punctuations and grammatical errors. This tool is also good for writing predictions. If you want to use this software, you need to have a compatible browser. Ginger is compatible with Windows, Safari, and Chrome.


There’s a popular comparison on Grammarly vs Prowriting Aid.This software is one of the advanced writing assistants right now. Many book and academic writers prefer Prowriting Aid over any other tools. This stunning software has some advanced features such as a grammatical error checker, plagiarism checker, style editor, and editor. Moreover, you can get in-depth analysis with this tool.


Last but not least, Hemmingway is another best alternative for Grammarly. This software can check the readability alongside grammatical errors. However, you are not getting any plagiarism checker with this tool. The basic features are available for free. However, if you want to have the paid version, you need to pay $19.99.

Final Verdict

Finally, you know how great this Grammarly tool is. We have covered everything in this Grammarly review article. If you want it for minimal use, you can get the free version by installing the extension. For professional use and plagiarism checking, make sure you are getting the paid one. For more information regarding this, you can check the official website.


Q: Is Grammarly good for academic writing?

Ans. Yes, Grammarly is an advanced software. It’s helpful for all types of writing. However, make sure you are completely not depending on it.

Q: What is the best browser for Grammarly?

Ans. The best thing about this tool is you can use the extension with all browsers. Although there are some ideal browsers for Grammarly such as Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

Q: Can I use Grammarly on mobile devices?

Ans. Yes, this software is also compatible with mobile devices. You just need to download and install the Grammarly app to use it.


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